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The life insurance is currently going through a significant change. Previously succesful products such as traditional policies with long-running guarantees do no longer work.

The demand is for products that satisfy the desire of the policy holder for security, returns and flexibility, meet the needs of the insurer in terms of more efficiency and profitability and comply with the regulatory requirements. 

In this white paper on the topic of product innovations in German life insurance we would like to present to you the latest product strategies and explain the demands that product ideas put upon IT against the backdrop of the current and future general conditions in the industry. 

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Life insurance - less guarantees, more prospects!


Security instead of guarantees

A modern interpretation of products can absolutely combine the advantages of collective life insurance with contemporary actuarial expertise.

The goal is to maximise returns with  a defined level of security and liquidity.


Create acceptance

Security without conventional guarantees is a challenge in terms of marketing and psychology.

In this context, insurers should keep in mind the fact that the requirements of the customer have changed in this digital world and impress the customer with personalised products, 24/7 services and a seamless customer experience.


Nothing works without modern IT

One thing is absolutely indispensable: life insurers need a modern, powerful IT architecture that meets the requirements of digitisation and modern customer communication in order to develop new solutions and create new products.

An IT platform must ensure that a product concept can be made ready for the market at short notice.